Helping the down & out
in a very special way

Hi. I’m Adam.

I blow homeless guys. I also serve the down and out, social outcasts or just plain ole’ broke straight dudes. I work with participants, not actors or models. No scripts or studio made crap that’s an insult to your intelligence. What you find here is true cinema verité. The video quality varies and sometimes things go off the rails completely but that’s the nature of it when you find random straight guys to suck off. There’s beauty in that honesty.

For too long we’ve been conditioned by studio model fakery and orchestrated gay4pay bullshit selling us a contrived, porn studio vision of what they think blowing straight guys is about. Or what they think you want to see.

Every one of these men has a story to tell. I listen. I genuinely care. There is never a quid pro quo and never an exploitation. Everyone gets something they need regardless of whether I get to see their dick or not. Cell phones, clothes, a ticket back to Idaho (it happened!) or just some cash in their cup.

These men are engaged respectfully and honestly. In those brief moments I share with them, some of whom haven’t received any attention in years, I give them voice to their own importance as people. I make THEM the centre of attention. That in itself is what makes this fucking hot, too.

The pricing of this community website is also honest. It’s $20 for a month access. I DO NOT DO RECURRING BILLING.  You’re in control. It’s $20 for a month or $25 for perpetual, forever access. These are ONE TIME charges.  Billing appears as either Verity Media Partners or Previtus Media on your credit card statement.

Every dollar generated by our site goes directly towards helping the men, supporting the site infrastructure and the creation of new content; this is NOT about personal profit.

To preview clips my content, check out my Twitter feed or for bios on my newest guys check out my Instagram. on other social media sites which have G-rated photos of the men.

This is my calling; my purpose. Your dollars go to this project, not me.


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